Making IT Simple

Making IT Simple for SMEs. For more than 20 years, we have been helping SMEs adopt IT and keeping IT adoption simple and easy to understand.

Here are some breakdown of IT solutions we had been using:

Moneyworks – The ideal mini-ERP solutions that has the price tag of MYOB (now known as ABSS), but the features and function of ERP software. We had been recommending this solution to customers who has outgrown MYOB as the solution becomes inefficient as SME demands for operations grows. And moving forward will replace MYOB as our mainstream accounting solution.

ABSS / MYOB – We pioneer the movement of evangelising this simple to use and most popular accounting software in Singapore. However, as IT progress, we will keep this accounting solution for SMEs who wants familiarity.

SMESUITE – Our inhouse solution that is most adopted by SMEs supporting them in the area of CRM, Quotation, Scheduling, HR, Payroll, Leave System, File and email server. This all in one machine provides SMEs a single server for all their operations.

Bizphone – Our cloud telephone system that allows our SMEs to adopt cloud phone system without incurring the infrastructure cost of traditional PABX.

Remote Desktop – Our solution to lagging performance of MYOB (now known as ABSS), also allow SMEs to access their MYOB solutions from home or anywhere via internet. An on-premise cloud solution made simple!

SimpleHost – Our simple hosting solution for SMEs website and email.

All the above solutions are being carefully evaluated through the years, proven to be stable, reliable and affordable for SMEs. As Singapore progress, we focus not just to keep up with technology, but to help our SMEs to operate more efficiently.

We recommend simple solutions and making IT simple for you.

Please feel free to contact us for a friendly discussion if any of the above solutions are of interest to you.

William Tan

Tel: 6589 8878

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