Macro virus trending

Recent 2 weeks, there is a huge increase of macro virus trending and spreading through Microsoft Word attachment.

The virus is spreading fast worldwide.  It is spreading from multiple source with multiple subject and sender email address.
The virus is not spreading from your server, but from external sources using your UserID and Password.

Once the attachment is open, it will activate the macro process, stealing your outlook password and transmit to remote spammer.  The spamming activities will in turn cause your mail server to be blacklisted.

Webmail user are not affected, but for outlook user, do take extra caution.

It is best to turn off your Macro if you are not using it.

Please refer to the microsoft website official link to learn how to disable macro:

Please be remindered to update your Anti-virus software to guard against this virus.

Hope this email will help in preventing any future occurrence.

How do you know you have been infected? 

  1. You consciously remembered opening Word document, but nothing much happen.
  2. Your contacts receive emails from you but Word attachment open and is not what you sent.
  3. Antivirus notification 

For such case, kindly contact your IT helpdesk to assist you. Alternatively you may contact our technical helpdesk for assistance where necessary.

Micro virus trending can be prevented by proper awareness and some simple measure. Please share with your friends and colleagues.



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