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IT Security has become a hot topic over the years. With convenience, comes responsibility. With more adoption to go digital, we face more challenges to protect our digital assets and work. As business go digital, many SMEs got frustrated over hacking issues, downtime and disruption to business operations. 

So what challenges do SMEs face in digital adoption with regards to security?


  1. Email scams, phishing and stolen identity has caused businesses to lose money. Suppliers losing money making payment to the wrong bank details due to emails intercepted by hackers? 
  2. Laptop or server data encrypted by ransomware demanding for bitcoin payment before releasing encryption password?
  3. Employees accidentally or deliberately deleting important data or files in server or PC on their last day
  4. Data got hacked and data stolen due to weak password?
  5. Hardware or network failure causing data corruption or loss of data without proper backup?
  6. Allowing work-from-home, but server is open to cyber attack?

What can you do with the problems listed above? We have simple solutions and answers to the above issues:

  • Email security (good password practices and encryption) with managed security coupled with work process change could save you from the massive loss. Work process includes calling supplier to verify change of company details is necessary procedure to enhance security
  • Backup strategy is critical to ensuring you are not subject to hackers’ ransom at all times. Did you backup to alternative location and detach the backup source?
  • Do your file server holds backup in the event of mass deletion, or holds different versions in the event of accidental over-write?
  • Do your files and data server provides 2FA to prevent machine hacking?
  • Again backup within office and off-site available whenever there is an outage in network or hardware fault?
  • Have you deployed virtual private network and managed firewall to safeguard work-from-home team?

We have simple solutions to take care of your digital trails for both within and out of office business operations. In AMC, we make IT simple especially for SMEs. 

Contact us for a friendly discussion on your IT security needs at 6589 8878 now!

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