Hosting Moneyworks Datacentre

hosting moneyworks datacentre

Hosting Moneyworks Datacentre can be on-premise or oncloud. Moneyworks Datacentre is a multi-user accounting software that runs on the background of a Windows Operating System or Mac Operating System. It gives us a lot of flexibility and at the same time security.

Hosting Moneyworks Datacentre on-premise means you can install Moneyworks Datacentre on a PC or Mac machine in your office and run the service on the background. You need not have the latest machine nor a high end machine. Here is the specification for your reference. With a simple machine that runs 24×7, you can connect from any computer within your office. However you will be limited by the number of concurrent license even though your installation is not limited. If you want to access from outside office, you will need to configure your router to do port forwarding of Moneyworks Datacentre (6674 to 6710) to your Datacentre host machine. However, do note if you do not have static IP from ISP, you may need to subscribe for one static IP or subscribe to dynamic DNS service to do IP redirection for you with your easy to remember address. 

Advantages to host on-premise:

  1. When internet is down, your local machine can still run your Moneyworks
  2. Lower cost (if you have machine to spare), you only need to pay for electricity for the machine 24×7
  3. Better security as you can choose to just work within office network

OnCloud means you can host on any virtual server outside your office. For example you can subscribe to AMC’s MYOB OnCloud hosting whereby we will setup one Windows machine for you to host. Alternatively you can subscribe to AWS or Azure Cloud services solution.

Advantages to host oncloud:

  1. No need to own or have spare hardware
  2. Scalable as to upgrade speed, storage and other variables without changing hardware
  3. Access from anywhere even when office internet is down

Whichever option you choose, the most important is to factor in backup solution. You should be backing up and ensure it is always available for you outside the host machine. Test your data occasionally to ensure all your backups are in good health. 

In summary here are your options:

  1. Hosting in own office with own machine
  2. Hosting in own office on MYOB OnCloud with free server loan by AMC
  3. Hosting in AMC office on MYOB OnCloud with free server loan by AMC
  4. Hosting on Azure Cloud service

Feel free to contact us at +65 6589 8878 for more clarifications.

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