Fibre Broadband Static IP

static fibre broadband

Fibre Broadband Static IP used to be expensive especially for small businesses. Thanks to competition, we now can enjoy more affordable rate for static fibre broadband for our business use.

Most of us would subscribe to dynamic fibre broadband as the price entry is below $100. With static IP used to be additional $100 per month as a premium, we normally would avoid as the recurring cost just do not make sense.

What is dynamic broadband?

It simply means your internet service provider keeps changing your IP address regularly. IP address is internet address like our telephone number. Imagine your telephone number keep changing, it simply means people cannot reach you at your location.

What is static broadband?

In contrast, it means you are given a permanent IP address dedicated to your office use.

What are the usage of static IP address?

You can used it for hosting your website and host of internet related services including IP phone system, email hosting, chat services and even your own applications.

What are the typical benefits of static broadband?

  • Access your office from anywhere. It makes workplace application mobile so that you can access office documents, machines and other systems anywhere outside office.
  • Host a website or web application. You can host your own website or web application like POS, HR Application and Email services right from your office. We are running Moneyworks On-Premise application within our own office.
  • CCTV is one of the most common applications that most SMEs use IP address for.
  • VoIP implementation with static IP allows better and more reliable voice services.
  • Static IP typically enjoy less downtime compared to dynamic IP address as changing of IP address requires to update worldwide servers if you use dynamic DNS service used to overcome dynamic IP address issue.

What are the risk?

You will have to make sure you have firewall in place to help you mitigate the internet risk.

What is the deal behind?

We have worked with Netpluz who are willing to provide our users 100Mbps with 1 static IP fibre broadband connection at $99 per month (excluding GST). This is a no frills deal that do not have fanciful bundling with other services like hosting or wireless equipment. We always want it simple and affordable without any frills to allow us choose what we want. Not to bundle things we ultimately do not use.

You can only consider if your fibre broadband contract is due for renewal. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information, we will furnish you with a quotation directly from Netpluz.


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