Digital Order Form with Moneyworks

digital order form

Digital order form with Moneyworks starts with a simple idea to digitise the current order process by sales person on the ground. Company printed booklets of sales order form with carbon copy so that sales person when doing house to house canvassing can sign up customer for the sales of water filtration system for homes. After having implemented Moneyworks to simplify their work flow process in accounting, they felt that more can be done.

We started with the idea of creating an digital form for sales person to just use their personal mobile devices, with the option of providing company mobile devices. While we notice, the manual entry of re-entering the data by another administrative person to record the order to Moneyworks, we would naturally move to the next simpler task to integrate both operations.

Existing process of operation:

1. Printing of booklets of sales order forms for all sales person

2. Sales person hold one booklet of forms to canvas homes to take order on the go

3. Order to be brought back to office so that they can key in the order into Moneyworks

4. Scheduling of installation and delivery begin to be arranged by administrative person with customers

5. Delivery fulfillment 

Proposed new digitalisation  process:

1. Sales person go canvasing with their personal mobile devices or company issue devices

2. Take order which will synchronise to Moneyworks 

3. Scheduling of installation and delivery

4. Delivery fulfillment

What do we achieve from here:

1. Printing cost of booklets of order form and folders for filing

2. Storage space for new booklets as well as space to store and archive forms

3. Data entry time and reduce error since it is integrated

4. Time reduces from daily travel to office to receive order reduce to almost instant with integration

5. Reduces Moneyworks license from multiple sales person data entry user license to 1 user connection license

Watch video on youtube for the idea:

SME can now adopt digitisation solutions with government grant (Productivity Solutions Grant – PSG) and claim up to 80% of your cost of adoption. Digital Order Form with Moneyworks is one such great example of digitalisation made simple.

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