DECT vs WIFI Phone

DECT vs WIFI phone has been a privilege for those who has adopted IPPBX or cloud PBX. This is due to the flexibility achieve by deploying IP telephony system for business operations.

First, what is a DECT phone and what is a WIFI phone? DECT phone is commonly used in analogue system at home whereby you can carry the phone all over the house with its base station providing you the frequency it requires. While WIFI phone uses your Wireless AP commonly used for your mobile phone and laptop connection to internet.

dect vs wifi phone - Grandstream mobility solutions

Above is the comparison by Grandstream for DECT vs WIFI phone.

Scenario, if you are operating a restaurant whereby your Wireless Access points are used by public, and your telephone service is also critical operation tools (to take incoming booking via telephone), it might be a better option to deploy DECT phone.

However, if you are within a big office building, mult-storey movement for maintenance or support team, then WIFI might be a better option as you have already gotten AP in place for the whole building. You can still deploy DECT phone in such environment, just that you will need to deploy more DECT station which may increase the cost of deployment while you would have deployed AP around the building for not only WIFI phone but also double up as mobile accessibility for other functions.

If you are using a traditional PABX system, I guess your only choice is DECT phone if you PABX support analogue DECT phone. Wifi phone may not be an available option for traditional PABX system.

Hope this article simplify your understanding on WIFI vs DECT phone deployment. If you need more information or clarification, please feel free to contact us for further clarifications.

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