COVID-19 Work From Home Solutions

COVID-19 Work From Home Solutions request has been on the rise. Over this past week, we had been receiving enquiries on work from home solutions.

As per 25th March 2020, Singapore has reported more new cases, and government is implementing more measures to manage this wildly spread virus. And this is “only the beginning of a very long fight” as mention by National Development Minister Lawrence Wong. 

More places are shutting down, social distancing in place and more locked down clusters. 

We are fully on split team to reduce direct interaction having one team work from home on alternate days.

Here are our quick fix of solutions for SMEs as a guide:

SME Firewall Simplified

This is the frontline of our office network. It gives protection from external intrusion, while gives us a secure virtual private network to connect back to office. To simplify further, this firewall protect your network from unnecessary traffic mostly due to unauthorised, yet unseen attacks to your network. At the same time, your connections to office is through a private tunnel to ensure no one can sniff your traffic while you work from outside office. This is a very cost effective solutions to kick start your work from home operations. Users can utilise office network storage, applications and other devices as if they are in the office. This is really SME Firewall Simplified!

Internet Connectivity

You need a good internet connectivity with good bandwidth. For a start, you should get a static link which we recommend Netpluz fibre broadband with static IP. You may read our previous article on Fibre broadband static IP. They are offering 250MB of bandwidth with 1 static IP for only $109 per month (excluding GST). 

Phone System

Deploy our bizphone solutions for more efficient communication without long term commitment contract. Cloud phone system is easy to deploy and uses your mobile phone to act as an extension. SMEs do not need to invest in phone sets, or commit for long term. The shortest term contract is just 1 month! Get it up, and deploy within an hour.

Remote Desktop Solution

For application like MYOB (known as ABSS now), you will need remote desktop solution to enable you to run efficiently. It may not work well in direct VPN method as it is inefficient on network. However, remote desktop solution is prone to ransomware attacks, therefore using SME Firewall as per mention above is our solution to reduce this risk. Remote desktop solution speeds up your MYOB application, but remember to back up your data.

In conclusion, COVID-19 Work From Home solutions is just simplified solutions for SMEs to quickly deploy as a business continuity plan as more lock down may be expected in days or weeks ahead. Talk to us for a quick and simplified fix to keep your business moving during this long crisis.

We can be reached at 6589 8878.

Meanwhile, stay safe, stay healthy. We will be stronger when we pull through this together!


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