COVID 19 – Telecommuting

COVID-19 – Telecommuting now mandatory where necessary. “Firms which fail to implement telecommuting where possible may face fines, stop-work orders” – Straits Times

Companies no longer decides if you are capable or applicable. Government measures is to ensure effort has been made to reduce close contacts at work.

What is a simple and affordable remote access solution? 

Firewall VPN for secure remote connectivity
Our SME Firewall VPN serves 2 function.

First, it provides users an additional connection with encryption, or virtual private network connection which is a private secure connection for remote users connecting back to office.

Lastly it protects your network from external attack, which many do not notice. Attacks mainly come from countries trying to intrude into your network and conduct undetected activities. User computers should have antivirus to protect their machines, but not are capable protection against new attacks.

The tradition models is buying firewall device, there is also implementation cost, software subscription and annual maintenance.

With SME Firewall VPN is simplified to affordable annual maintenance and nothing else. Everything else is taken care of. Hardware will be on free loan.

MYOB (ABSS) Speed efficiency

For those on MYOB (now known as ABSS) users, especially if you are in multi-user environment, terminal service application is the solution in additional to the SME Firewall VPN. With terminal service application, your bandwidth and speed of application will be significantly improved. Lesser chance of data corruption due to network and bandwidth constrain.

Office Phone System

For those who need to receive or call from office, you may consider Cloud PBX. You can forward your main calls to cloud PBX, and all remote users can use mobile apps to pick up office calls or make office calls from cloud PBX incurring only data and office line charges which is definitely cheaper than mobile GSM calls.

COVID-19 – Telecommuting is no longer a choice for us. It is a new way of being socially responsible to our society. Let us do our part to get through this together.


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