Covid-19 – Circuit Breaker Telecommuting

Covid-19 – Circuit Breaker Telecommuting in full swing as per 7th March 2020. We had been swam with support calls to assist SMEs to telecommute within a short time. We had prioritised our operations last few days to setting up VPN for remote connectivity. Facing with challenges, our team members had managed to get users connected back to office seamlessly over the past few days.

What does the SME Firewall VPN do? VPN functions as a private tunnel for users to connect back to office network securely. Once you are connected, you are working as if you are in the office. Only main trade off is you have to bear with the internet speed between your home and office. Office connectivity typically slower and with more users on VPN, bandwidth is being shared and further strain the connectivity.

Most user laptop/pc at home with internet will be given a vpn software with login credentials. They will then be connected to office network and thereby accessing office files and folders. For some with IPPBX in their network, they will be able to make phone calls on their laptop via software phone application like x-lite or 3CX. 

For MYOB multi-user environment, you will need to use terminal service application with remote desktop connectivity to ensure stability and speed. 

If you are still struggling to find your way to connect back to office, do speak to us. We will simply do the setup for you.

We also have great news for employers. From the last announcement on solidarity budget, government will be paying 75% on the first $4,600 for your local employees salaries for the month of April and there after 25% up till end of the year. Let us fight this together with our great team in the company and hope we survive through with greater unity!

Covid-19 – Circuit Breaker Telecommuting connects you and your team back and resume your operations!

Call us for your connectivity needs, and stay safe working from home!

Reminder: we are still reachable at via whatsapp, facebook chat and office line +65 65898878

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