Covid-19: BCP Phone Deployment

Covid-19: BCP Phone Deployment is the topic most ask by SMEs. Most importantly involve their tradition phone system. As mention in our DORSCON Orange guide by MOM in their article, business continuity plan should consider splitting team. 

But many local SMEs are lost in the area of communication, especially phone system are localised pbx. How then can SMEs deploy a temporary solution to overcome this?


BCP Phone Deployment

Here are the setup requirement as per the propose plan above:

  1. Virtual Line – with a new number and 5 concurrent calls
  2. Bizphone – on Bizphone mobile App for all the users
  3. All users assume to have their mobile phones
  4. Singtel line forwarding feature

All users can use their mobile phone, install the app and login to start using their extension over mobile phone. 

This is a simplified way of operations, which only covers your requirement business continuity plan in the area of phone deployment. You may read the details of cloud phone system in the link.

Do feel free to give us a call to discuss your requirements, so that we can assist in your planning and deployment. 

In AMC, we really make things simple and easy for SMEs.


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