Cloud MYOB with QNAP

Cloud MYOB with QNAP

You can turn your traditional MYOB software to cloud MYOB with QNAP. Most users of ABSS (previously known as MYOB) are on-premise product which means you can only access the application within your office premise. All you need is QNAP, Windows OS License and remote access application to turn everything online.

Products involved:

  1. ABSS (or MYOB) with multi-user license
  2.  QNAP NAS with virtual machine function
  3. Windows  Professional license
  4. Terminal service software license

Here are the steps involve to turn it to cloud:

  1. Install Windows Professional operating system to your QNAP virtual environment
  2. Install terminal service application in Windows of QNAP
  3. Create users for remote desktop access via control panel
  4. Install ABSS or MYOB into virtual machine
  5. Copy all your ABSS or MYOB datafiles and forms into virtual machine
  6. Configure port forwarding on your router to the virtual machine IP address
  7. Subscribe to dynamic DNS and configure to router

To access in office:

  1. Point your remote desktop access to the local IP address
  2. Connect using your user ID and password
  3. You are ready to use ABSS or MYOB within virtual environment

To access out of office

  1. Point your remote desktop access to dynamic DNS, alternatively you can use Google Chrome’s extension for remote desktop
  2. Connect using your user ID and password
  3. You are on cloud now

This is how your remote access should look like:

Cloud MYOB with QNAP

Notice you see 2 Windows on the diagram above.

What you should take care of when deploying:

  1. Hacking and Ransomware issue
  2. Official license of relevant products

Do remember to back up your solutions offline and online. You can read up on our previous blog Backup your data against Ransom. Once you are on cloud, anything can happen. SO BACKUP.

If you need us to deploy for you, do feel free to contact our friendly sales team at +65 6589 8878.


William Tan

Please note that as of June 2020, we will not be recommending QNAP as a station to run MYOB / ABSS. Windows 10 with the latest update requires a higher processing power and also more RAM is required. Therefore we will instead recommend you to get a PC with minimum i5 processor and 8GB RAM for a 3 user environment.

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