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dect vs wifi phone

DECT vs WIFI Phone

DECT vs WIFI phone has been a privilege for those who has adopted IPPBX or cloud PBX. This is due to the flexibility achieve by deploying IP telephony system for business operations. First, what is a DECT phone and what is a WIFI phone? DECT phone is commonly used in analogue system at home whereby

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SME Go Digital

PSG now 70%

Take action, PSG now 70%. Claim up to 70% for adopting Moneyworks or MYOB (now known as ABSS) accounting software packages now! We have just receive email from IMDA that the percentage of claimable amount has been adjusted to 70% (was previously 50%) for those who apply the grant from today. For those who are

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Moneyworks is Simple yet Great

We are giving a few reasons why Moneyworks is simple yet great business software necessary for all SMEs. Connecting from Anywhere With Moneyworks Datacentre (On-premise, self hosted) or Moneyworks NOW (Cloud subscription), you are able to access your Moneyworks from anywhere and everywhere securely (with SSL). No remote desktop is required. You are able to

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making it simple

Making IT Simple

Making IT Simple for SMEs. For more than 20 years, we have been helping SMEs adopt IT and keeping IT adoption simple and easy to understand. Here are some breakdown of IT solutions we had been using: Moneyworks – The ideal mini-ERP solutions that has the price tag of MYOB (now known as ABSS), but

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Sourcing for good accounting solution

Moneyworks – Seriously Good Accounting Solution ABSS (formally known as MYOB) Sourcing for good accounting solution in Singapore can be quite a major task as there are too many solutions out there in the market place. Even as vendor, it took us quite a while to conclude what product we deem as good for our

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Firewall Protection for Network

Firewall Protection for Network Firewall protection enquiries has been on the rise these few years as more companies are affected by network attacks in the form of ransomware and other malwares. It has been even more prevalent when our country healthcare data was hack this year (Read the news link here). For SMEs to understand network

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Product Batch Tracking

Product Batch Tracking Product batch tracking, sometimes known as lot number tracking is critical for some products and industries. Food industries track batch and expiry because they need to keep products fresh, while pharmaceutical industries need to track who is holding on to certain batch of products in the event of product recall they are

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Speed Up MYOB

Speed Up MYOB We have been hearing complains of MYOB performance issue for years. We are going to propose 3 ways you can speed up MYOB. Users of MYOB usually complain of speed or performance issue coming from MYOB multi-user environment. Here are 3 options you can consider: Improve your network infrastructure User of remote

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