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bank statement import

Bank Statement Import

Bank Statement Import – DBS Bank Statement Bank Statement Import can now be done on <a href=”https://amcpro.asia/moneyworks-psg2/”>Moneyworks</a>! All you need is the ability to download your bank statement from the bank as csv or Excel.  Why import bank statement? Importing bank statement will allow user to map income and expenses to relevant accounts without keying […]

payroll oncloud

Payroll Oncloud

Payroll Oncloud will be the ultimate payroll solution for SMEs.  This solution will be no frills, slicing from enterprise solution of iSuperSuite of HRM solutions. We bring the most practical and simplest Payroll solution for SMEs with functionalities and features enjoyed by larger enterprises. No trials, no grant application, no bargaining required. Just simply affordable […]

How Covid-19 has impacted the digitalisation of businesses

How Covid-19 has impacted the digitalisation of businesses As we all know, Covid-19 has impacted businesses badly and most business are trying to stay afloat desperately by accelerating the pace of digitalisation in response to the pandemic. However, according to a study done by ASME and Microsoft, more than half of Singapore SMEs have reported […]

why you should start using a payroll system

Why you should start using a payroll system

Why you should start using a payroll system: What is a payroll system? A payroll system is a software that manages the process of paying employees and all other payroll tasks such as filing in and paying employment taxes, calculating and keeping track of worked hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and other deductions, printing and […]

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What small businesses did to survive in 2020

What small businesses did to survive in 2020 With the global pandemic taking over and changing most of our lives, most small businesses were forced to go online, read on to find out what small business did to survive 2020.  Businesses and customers went online. With the pandemic worsening, everyone was forced to stay at […]

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Misconceptions about Accounting Software

Misconceptions about Accounting Software As a small business owner, you may think that it’s a waste of money to get an accounting software and therefore, decide to rely on manual accounting on a spreadsheet. However, by doing so you are wasting a lot of time! Read our <a href=”https://amcpro.asia/why-its-time-to-get-rid-of-spreadsheets/”>previous post to see why you should […]

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bank statement import

Why it’s time to get rid of spreadsheets

Why it’s time to stop using spreadsheets for accounting Many small businesses use excel or other spreadsheets for accounting because it is free and easy to use. However, now that accounting software exists, it is time to get rid of your spreadsheets as it is so much easier and efficient to use accounting softwares like […]

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why you should use a cloud-based accounting software

Why you should use a cloud-based phone system

Reasons why you should use a cloud-based phone system A <a href=”https://amcpro.asia/cloud-phone-system/”>cloud-based phone system</a> simply means that our traditional pabx, pbx or even key phone system is now on the cloud. You need not purchase the expensive system to give each desk an extension phone in order to work like a corporate office. 1. Lower […]

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accounting software

Can accounting software reduce costs?

Can accounting software help reduce costs? If you are<a href=”https://amcpro.asia/comparison-of-accounting-softwares/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> thinking of getting an accounting software</a> but is still unsure whether it can really help your business, check out this <a href=”https://amcpro.asia/reasons-to-use-accounting-software/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>blog</a> here to understand how it can help your business in many ways. However, this blog here will focus on […]

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