Born Digital Proof of Concept

Born Digital Proof of Concept was lunched in July 2022 by IMDA for a short window period (Jul 2022 to Oct 2022). Be part of the BORN DIGITAL Proof of Concept in 3 easy steps to receive $100!

What is this grant about? 

To enable newly registered business to be digital from birth, adopt and be familiar with a core set of Digital Utilities (DUs) – IMDA has introduced a Born Digital Proof of Concept (POC) to encourage businesses to start transacting digitally and be plugged into the digital ecosystem from the get-go. Refer to IMDA for details.

Who is this grant for? As the name of the grant Born Digital, this grant is for newly registered businesses between 1 June 2022 to 30 September 2022.

How to get this grant or how to apply for this $100:

1. Apply for InvoiceNOW and PAYNOW account with your newly registered business within the qualifying period

2. Send a test eInvoice (InvoiceNOW) to IMDA according to the guide

3. Upon successful submission of test e-invoice, you will receive a confirmation from IMDA to the email address provided and the $100 incentive will be credited to your PayNow Corporate account within 1 month from submission date

But read again! There are only 2 actionable steps! Receiving payment via PAYNOW is just waiting…

How to apply for InvoiceNOW and send e-invoice?

Method 1: Your existing accounting solution may have arrangement to register for InvoiceNOW. Read the link for Moneyworks InvoiceNOW page for registration if you are using Moneyworks. Register for Free InvoiceNOW account here:

Method 2: Here are some other free InvoiceNOW partners from IMDA:

born difital proof of concept

You can use Moneyworks for 45 days under trial for your new business with free Linkfor InvoiceNOW account (free up to 10 e-invoice). Download your free trial copy of Moneyworks GOLD here.

Not only you can get $100, you can also apply for PSG Grant to subsidise your Moneyworks purchase of up to 70% from IMDA.

Please feel free to contact us for more information at +65 6589 8878.

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