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Best Accounting Software for SMEs

What is the best accounting solution for SMEs? Moneyworks has met all the criteria that most SMEs will look at when selecting accounting solutions:

Why Moneyworks?

Tested rigorously on road for efficiency

Moneyworks was rigorously tested for speed of process over LAN, Wifi and also WAN (accessing via internet) with no interruption

Fit for your corporate needs

Department group, departmental, classification, multi-warehousing, multi-currency, project/job management, batch/serial number tracking with expiry and report customisation for scalability

Moneyworks Scripting automation

Relax with a cuppa when you can automate some of the process with Moneyworks scripts like importing transaction, special invoice processes etc.

Available on Local and remote access

Able to record transactions remotely via any Windows or Mac machine, iPad and iPhone over internet

Images and pdf document

Ability to attach source document for future references allowing archiving of supplier invoices, customer purchase order, cheque images to overcome physical filing with digitalisation

Integrate it with other software

With REST API, you can integrate Moneyworks to third party applications like ecommerce shopping cart, fulfillment warehouse, Point-Of-Sale solution etc

making it simple
AMC team is committed to after sales training and technical support of Moneyworks with efficient, competent response and will continue as needed.
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"Simply the best accounting software for SMEs."

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