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Backup for MYOB / Moneyworks accounting software has often been a topic for a start but often with no action taken thereafter. Every other month, we hear of customer getting ransomware (especially multi-user of MYOB / ABSS), or harddisk damaged (for MYOB / ABSS Single users). These customers do their backup in the same machine harddisk storage as their accounting software, just different folder. There are smarter case whereby they backup to network drives, but when they are hit with ransomware, the backup is also being encrypted at the same time.

Recent case of fire in Tampines triggers a long term customer to contact us, asking what will happen if their office is on fire. As they are in the vicinity, the business owners started to discuss about the data storage and backup not just for their accounting software.

Similarly as ransomware hit your data in server, or in PC, or backup harddisk, whatever in the office will also be gone!

Here are some considerations before we can provide a solution:

1. Backup single machine or multiple machine

2. Backup of small amount of important data, or every data is important

3. Current office setup of file sharing

Here are some of our solutions to different situation with SME NextCloud:

  1. Backup of Single machine or multiple machine – SME NextCloud on-premise in different company site if available. Else just subscribe to Cloud hosted
  2. Backup of small amount of data, just subscribe to single Nextcloud hosted in AMC premise
  3. Backup of all data, subscribe to on-premise at different location hosted or cloud hosted
  4. If current office need file sharing, you can also deploy SME NextCloud

Special deals for MYOB / ABSS / Moneyworks helpdesk customer:

AMC NexCloud Account – 2GB FREE Account.

Exclusively for AMC helpdesk support customer (MYOB / ABSS / Moneyworks), kindly write to us, we will be providing this account for you to backup your data files. 

We are really concern over your data and information as much as you do. So do contact us for this free service.

Do not be the next victim of ransomware or computer harddisk storage crash. Contact us to ensure your data are secured.

For more information, do contact us to discuss your situation and requirements. We are sure to make IT simple for you!

You can reach us at or whatsapp +65 65898878

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