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PSG Grant – Accounting Solution for the Year 2019 is coming to an end. Our contract as a pre-approved vendor shall be expiring soon, pending another renewal from IMDA. We will do some summary of the grant for our accounting solutions exercise over the year.

We take this opportunity to thank those who had engaged and supported us over the last great year. We are glad to have enjoyed another year of zero failure rate of adoption. This record is important as over the past 22 years, we only had one failure due to expectation differences. You should know we are very careful over handling expectations now.

Productivity solutions grant started with a funding support of up to 50% when we first launched in early February but it quickly changed to 70% support in late March 2019. Therefore the effect does not really impact much of the clients.

In all, we had implement Moneyworks and MYOB (now ABSS) over many industries and tackle many challenges. Why is there challenges when this should be a standard package?  This is due to operation differences in different industry. 

In F&B and retail industry, we have customers who integrate the accounting with warehouse system, online ecommerce platform and also POS so that customer achieve maximum productivity with automation.

In education, we have implemented with multi-agency grant management system with the help of automation script. The education company that used to have trouble tracking government grant claim from different agency like skillsfuture, workfare training support and SME support schemes is now a breeze with our automated system.

With a multi-channel wine wholesale and retail business, we managed to utilise departmental and classification accounting to track business performance between retail outlets, and different channels of sales deriving from wholesale, retail and also online ecommerce.

For pharmaceutical and agriculture and food distribution, we deployed inventory with batch number tracking which allows them to track and utilise their inventory more efficiently.

We can go on with the list, but most importantly, you know we are capable to find a solution for your business to propel forward. Not just selling you a solution, but run alongside with you to achieve the next level. 

Lastly those who are still hesitating, please proceed to apply for PSG grant first (last 3 weeks from today), as we wait for the renewal notice which is not guaranteed. 

Not sure, but keen to know more? Call us at 6589 8878 to discuss about it.

William Tan

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