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There are a few ABSS / MYOB Services that I will attempt to explain for those who needs it. Many of you had been paying, but few knew about it till you ask for the services.

Here is a list of common used add-on services (chargeable) base on most used:

Add Datafiles – 5 file pack: ABSS/MYOB software license comes standard to allow you to activate up to 5 company files. Thereafter you can still add more by purchasing 5 datafile pack. Each software license is entitled up to 99 data files in total. Do note that there may be price change in near future looking at how things evolved.

Password Extraction: For users who has lost their administrator login password. You will never need this service if you remember your password, so take this as a warning that you should record your administrator password for future reference.

Serial Number Removal: ABSS/MYOB serial number is hard coded into the datafiles. So if you need to change ownership of datafile (from one serial number to another), you will need to pay for this service. This service requires authorisation letter from current license owner to approve the removal of serial number, thereafter you can insert your new license serial number.

Datafile Repair: If your datafile is corrupted due to whatever reason, you will need to request for this service. We already advice all users of ABSS/MYOB software to be responsible enough to constantly backup your datafile, and verify the datafile before use. So in the event if you find that your datafile is corrupted, you can immediately restore previous backup so that you will never need to pay for this service.

Datafile Troubleshooting: This service is similar to the above, except that you attempt to troubleshoot what goes wrong. Therefore backup can still save you some trouble.

Replacement CD: Only available for the latest version. Therefore, it might be good to backup the CD contents to thumbdrive or network drive for future installation.

I hope with this article, it may help you create some work practices that may save you some money in the near future. Except for the additional datafiles, that may subject to changes in the near future.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further clarifications with regards to ABSS / MYOB Services.


William Tan

+65 6589 8878 Ext 7001

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