2019-nCov: Further measures for workplaces



As per official WhatsApp message by gov.sg received on 2019-NCOV: FURTHER MEASURES FOR WORKPLACES. You may also visit government website https://www.mom.gov.sg/2019-ncov/general-advisory-for-workplace-measures for detail information.

For SMEs what can we do if we need to split team, backend staff to work from home, and also some members of the company need to serve LOA? 

For SMEs communications required include phone system access, email access and conferencing solutions. Let’s explore some of these:

Phone System can be easily converted to cloud PBX so that you can either bring home your office desk phone or access your office extension via mobile. 

You may read up on our solutions for on-premise IPPBX or Cloud PBX.

Email access, my guess is most SMEs already have email accessible via mobile phone or web. If you are using different desktop and shared laptop for mobile, you might require more email storage than usual if you want to keep the email at 2 location if you do not have internal email server. 

You may want to explore in-house mail server in our SMESUITE

Conferencing solution is easily available these days. Refer to Zoom (getting popular), but the free version can hold up to maximum of 40 minutes conferencing. But we would not mind recommending this since is free, and good to contain our meeting keeping it short and sweet.

Operations requirements are harder to meet, but can still be simplified. These includes File Sharing services, Operation Software (Accounting, purchasing and invoicing). 

For File sharing, if you are our SMESUITE users, you can activate webdisk which enables you to access your shared server drives, folders and files. Just contact our technical department if you require this to be turned on. You can also deploy QNAP NAS which allows users to access share drive via File Station. 

Alternatively, you can either use free or paid Google driveMicrosoft OneDrive, and Dropbox etc.

For Operation software, if you are using MYOB, Quickbooks and other on-premise solution, you can consider our remote desktop solutions. We are using Moneyworks accounting solution which has the capability for our users to access from Anywhere.

Note: Remote Desktop Solution though is useful, it is subjected to ransomware risk. 

For quotation system or scheduling, those who are using SMESUITE has it taken care of also. For Moneyworks user, it does provide quotation and also a calender. 

We are known to keep IT simple for SMEs. If you require any clarifications or consultancy with regards to working from home, do feel free to contact us for a session at 6589 8878.


William Tan

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