Year: 2017


1 in 3 SMEs in Singapore hit by ransomware

Are you prepared against RANSOMWARE? I may have spoken to many of you, and also written articles to explain about Ransomware, but we still receive many emergency disaster recovery request. Especially those who did not adopt our SMESUITE solutions. Those on SMESUITE server, you can ignore this message as you are quite well protected. You have not got into any trouble, […]

What SMEs are buying

Recent Hot Purchases by SMEs This is the first time we blog about hardware purchase as this is really the best time for some who are clearing their budget before PIC ends. It applies to those whose year end coincide with calendar year end as PIC ends YA2018 or FY2017. From IRAS website: The PIC […]

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Launch of Webstore

Announcing the launch of AMC’s Webstore! We are pleased to announce our new online webstore service for cloud communications systems. AMC Webstore This webstore focuses on Cloud Communications for SMEs with the following focus module: Apps BizPhone VoIP solution for business that requires more flexibility and functionality at lower costs. Call Recording Seamlessly record calls […]

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Landing Cost Calculation

Moneyworks Tricks – Landing Cost Calculation

Landing Cost Calculation Include Landing Cost Calculation To Your Product Costing. Many will want to know our product’s real cost to calculate the product profit margin accurately. For that to happen, you will need to landing cost calculation, however we know it is quite troublesome to spread our freight cost to each item’s pricing. You need […]


Compare traditional PBX (Keyphone) with IP PBX (Bizphone)

Compare traditional PBX (Keyphone) with IP PBX (Bizphone) The advancement in technology plays a vital role in influencing how people communicate. Businesses have to find unique ways of communicating with their potential customers. An effective and dependable business phone system is a must have investment for every entrepreneur. Most organizations have invested in a Private Branch Exchange […]

IT Setup for SMEs

IT Setup for SMEs

IT Setup for SMEs of about 5 employees (Business Phone System) Telephone has been and will remain important communication tools among businesses. So naturally, we have to start looking at phone system setup. We shall look at 3 options for phone systems to consider: Option 1: Traditional PABX (or key phone systems) Most common brands used in […]

payment voucher

Moneyworks Professional Payment Voucher

You might have seen or received bank’s payment voucher with detachable cheque for you to tear out and bank in, while payment voucher is for your filing and reference. Banks do sell them for about S$1 per cheque. Sample payment voucher with attached cheque This desired format does have benefits: Automation in cheque printing without having separate […]

Comparing ABSS / MYOB vs Moneyworks

Comparing ABSS / MYOB vs Moneyworks Comparing ABSS / MYOB vs Moneyworks is not a difficult task.However it is important to compare and contrast both software to give your purchase a great value. Both MYOB and MoneyWorks belongs to the category of on-premise accounting solution with many similarities for sales, purchasing, operations, inventory and accounting for small businesses. While MYOB has […]


Comparing MYOB Singapore Edition of Accounting and Premier

Many might have forgotten about MYOB Accounting, as over the last few years, we have been selling mostly MYOB Premier in Singapore due to government grants. Most popular reason being since it is supported, most people would want to maximise the grant by buying the highest value solution in the market. Another reason is that MYOB Accounting is not an IRAS […]